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1,000,000 Hits

Looks like either today or tomorrow John’s Tech blog will flip the counter over past 1,000,000 hits.

I started this web site to document my projects.  In the computing world and especially the Linux world people who have years of experience often forget they are trying to communicate to newbies sometimes.

My approach was just to simplify things and to document the process FOR MYSELF so I could redo it in 6 months or a year later when it broke.


And here I am almost a million hits later.


It’s That Time Of Year Again – Egg Printing

This is just a cut and paste from my old blog which I hope to make go poof one of these days.  Just moving the content here for posterity.  The content might need to be refreshed a bit but, you know, I’m a busy guy.


Printing on Eggs and Shit.

So I’ve got a couple 3D printers and a vinyl sign machine and I’m always looking at related forums and reading the industry magazines. One day on I stumble across the Sphere-O-Bot which shows a 3D printed frame with a couple of NEMA 17 motors and an arduino. And I think “I have to make that”. Forget that I have absolutely no reason to print on eggs or ping-pong balls but just as a man climbs Everest because it is there so it is with me.

There is a kit from a place called J-Robots or you can source the parts yourself. The software is open source. The thing is that an Arduino Leanardo, a Brainboard, and two stepper motors and drivers will set you back over $60 maybe more with shipping. Then you need the hardware and the other related stuff. Might as well get the kit.

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Vaccines and Shit

I’m putting this on my own blog because:

a) It is interesting

b) Posting it on social media would get me kicked off almost instantly I imagine.

Preface statement:

Even though I may not act like it sometimes……….I believe in God and Jesus Christ and the Bible as literal truth.  The Bible says to take care not to be deceived.  It says it a lot.

Even though I may not pray as much as I should when I do pray I pray not to be deceived and I ask (beg) for discernment.  I don’t think I’m smarter than anyone else nor possess any special powers or abilities but sometimes things grab my attention and let me know they are Biblical in nature somehow.

This morning I find this article on Luciferase and the Moderna vaccine.  Before I go on let me state I am NOT anti-vax.  If you and your doctor think it is in your best interest then by golly that is the end of the story.  Please take whatever health measures you deem fit.

The story:

This is a journalist who simply wanted a list of ingredients in the vaccine.  Guess what?  Darn near impossible to get it.  While doing a web search the journalist finds a patent ON THE MODERNA WEBSITE that lists one of the ingredients in the mRNA cocktail as “LUCIFERASE”.

Sounds ominous.  What is Luciferase?  It is a bioluminescent marker.  This is somewhat troubling to me as Lucifer is referred to as the Light of This World in the Bible.  And that’s as far as I’ll go with that.

For bringing this up on Twitter the journalist gets banned of course.

Anyway, I thought you might like to know that the ingredients in the vaccine are not disclosed, when a journalist uncovers a particularly ominous sounding one then she gets banned from social media for ummmmmmmm, telling the truth.

Do your own research, and do your own deep dive.  You might be surprised what you find.


Using 2 Smart Lights in a 3 way switch configuration

We all know what 3 way switches are even if we don’t know what they are called.  It is a light that has 2 switches, like at the top and bottom of the stairs.  What I did here was to wire up two smart switches that are not 3 way switches in a 3 way configuration.



If you have any interest in Home Automation be sure and check out the YouTube Channel of Digiblur and his Discord chat room.  Great resource.   Let’s get to the switches!

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Repair, Not Replace

I’m a big proponent of fixing stuff rather than replacing it.  The “new” home I moved to has a built in audio system in a lot of rooms and on the front and back porches and even a speaker way out in the woods on a deck.

The speakers on the back porch are all fouled up and only produce sound from the tweeter.  The outdoor speakers are all Polk Audio Atrium55’s which are discontinued.

Polk Audio Atrium 55

So, as luck would have it, so are the replacement speakers ( Part Number RD0756-1).  Can’t find them anywhere.

The successor to these speakers seems to be the Atrium 5’s which cost $250 at Amazon, Best Buy, eBay……….everywhere.

So let’s see how I deal with this………

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LED Strips For Lighting and Effects – What NOT To Get

I have a real cool LED strip that I installed a while back.  Details of that build are here.

My Living Room Arch LED Strip Installation

I just built a work/hobby room up and decided to put some effect lighting in there as well.  I did a little research and of all the LED lights that you can buy in Lowes, Target, Walmart, HomeDepot only the Monster Smart Illuminessence lights line at Walmart seemed to be available quickly and they seemed to possess the ability to be flashed by an Open Source Firmware called Tasmota.

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Ring DoorBell Pro Review – Piece of Fucking Shit

Yep.  My blog.  I can say whatever I want.  The Ring Doorbell platform is a piece of fucking shit.

I had a Ring Doorbell for a couple of years and it would intermittently die, would not connect to a live stream if I got a notification and would die for days only to come back to life mysteriously.

So brilliant guy I am I bought another one to replace it.  A Ring Doorbell Pro.   It is two wires and an app connection yet somehow it took me two hours to install and I’m a geek.

It’s a piece of fucking shit.  When it did finally install after I found an obscure reference in their forum that said to turn off cellular data on the phone while installing it was hit or miss on live view.

I got a hair emotional when I wrote this😃.  I’ve edited to add a fact or two but my review stands mostly as is.

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DIY GPS Puck for Uniden Homepatrol Scanners

Yes Uniden makes a GPS kit for their scanners.  It’s $80.  You can DIY one up for less than half the cost.  And it’s fun to make your own stuff and you’ll learn a thing or two as well.

Here’s what you need.

  • GPS Puck – I used a GlobalSat BR-355S4 $35 approx
  • USB cable – USB A to USB Mini Type B (4pin) $4.50.  You will not walk in a store and find one of these. They are just a little hard to find.  I used a Promaster #3696 cable.
  • Skillz – Mad Skillz

Promaster #3696

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Skewing Satellite Antenna for GOES (and others)

I live in Eastern NC and have a ground station to receive GOES-16 East.  No need to skew or tilt the disk.

However, I wanted to get GOES-17 West which requires some skew of the antenna to properly receive the signal.



First you need your stats.  Go to and type in your address and the satellite you wish to track.

Awesome. Scroll to the bottom of the page that gets returned from the search and it will indicate Azimuth, Elevation, and required Skew.

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