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Bye Bye Olight

One of my favorite companies was a Flashlight retailer called Olight. #olight #olightworld
As is everyone else they are doing a Black Friday sale. They suspended ordering for a few days in anticipation however allowed members of their loyalty program to purchase during this period.
So I’ve bought a metric ton of lights in the past few months and I figure I’m golden. I log in and I’m lowest tier with not many points. Then I learn it isn’t enough to order lights and get points from them you have to be logged in to do it.
The program was just started so its not like I was buying lights and not meeting the requirements of the program. They backdated all the points to April 2019. If I knew an account would get you points I’d have used it.

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MultiBand 6 – What is it?

Casio has a line of wristwatches that utilizes something called Multiband 6.  What that is is a radio receiver which allows the watch to receive a signal from WWVB in Fort Collins Colorado which keeps the watch synchronized with their atomic oscillators.  There are also transmitters in the UK, Germany, China, and Japan which provide the same service.  If you have a Multiband 6 watch and travel it should sync with the perfect time most anywhere.  The actual definition of Multiband 6 is that is the number of transmitters that the watch can receive from.  There are six such transmitters.

60 kHz Transmitters (click pics to enlarge)

The station WWVB is run by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) which maintains the time and frequency standards and makes them available to the American public.   The signal is broadcast on a frequency of 60kHz with a 70kW signal.

NIST was on the chopping block about a year ago by our esteemed government who decided to shut it down.  Then at the last minute it got a reprieve.  While losing the ability to sync a Casio G-Shock may not be catastrophic there are many time sensitive computer and clock devices that even the US government and scientific fields NEED.  Shutting down would have been problematic.  This web page gives a list of manufacturers and what services they use WWVB for.  Much of it is academia and scientific research and GPS usage. Shut down NIST and GPS’s might act weird.

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Bertucci Watches

Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Casio, Timex, Citizen and on, and on, and on.  Some watch brands we know.  Some we have never heard of.   I recently became interested in Horology, which is the study of the measurement of time.

I AM NOT A WATCH SNOB.   I do own a nice Omega Speedmaster though.  For many, many years I stopped wearing a watch because our phones have taken over the duties of other devices and of course, the measurement of time being one of those duties.  Darn phones have taken over the role of stand alone cameras as well.  (I still like stand alone cameras as well).  Call me old school.

Anyway as I began studying Horology it became apparent that the modern wrist watch evolved from World Wars I and II.  My personal preference in watches revolve around those military style watches sometimes referred to as “Field Watches”.   While I don’t get out as much as I like, I love to camp and hike and I’m a gear junkie.  Knowing what time it is while hiking is VITAL. I not only want, but NEED a Field Watch.

So I began digging into military field watches and keep running into these Bertucci Watches.  Never heard of them before.  I hit the watch forums on the internet and while there isn’t much chatter about Bertucci most of what I read is positive.

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