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Proscan  is a wicked cool hunk of software for Scanner Junkies like me.  It lets you take your expensive overpriced Uniden SDS100 (and other) scanners and do cool things with it, like make your scanner accessible to the web, or upload your feeds to scanner apps, etc.  It is worth every penny and then some.

If NOTHING ELSE ProScan allows you to display your LCD screen on a much larger computer screen.

It is a Windows only program and it is fairly well established that I hate Windows, however I do have a Windows laptop and I also run a copy of Windows 10 on my Mac under Virtualbox .  Virtualbox is cool however getting the Serial Port to play nicely is a tough nut to crack and in fact I am not even 100% sure what I did to get it going correctly but I’ll show my settings in the hopes it will help others.

The very first thing you need to do after you boot Windows under Virtualbox is to set up a filter to catch the SDS100.  The serial port cannot be connected in Mac OS X and in Windows, so Windows definitely needs sole access to it.

Go under your Virtualbox Settings and navigate to PORTS > USB

Now, every time that you start Virtualbox Windows WITH the SDS100 AND IT IS IN SERIAL PORT MODE (regular listening) the Windows OS will grab the device.

Now you should be able to open ProScan and navigate to COMM PORT and select the Comm port that the scanner used.

Now click the dropdown box and select the port that the OS is using and click SET.














And that SHOULD do it.  Sometimes if you shut down your virtual machine and restart later or unplug and plug the scanner back in the serial port may change and you may have to reset it. I fought this tooth and nail and it just started working.  I even downloaded and installed the Windows Serial Drivers from here.  Those drivers installed on COM 4 and then it just started working.  Then I shut down and it grabbed COM 5 which didn’t have the drivers installed so basically I have no frigging idea what worked.   In a nutshell:

  • Create a filter to grab the SDS100 when the Virtual Machine boots
  • Ensure you have a USB Serial Device showing in Windows.  When I started it just said COM X (X being whatever port it was). Allow windows Device Manager to update the port driver if it isn’t displayed like in my screen grabs.
  • Set the COMM PORT in ProScan
  • Possibly install the Serial Port Driver (not sure about this one).

Good luck.  I hope this helps.  I lost a day of my life messing with this and then it just started working.  Last thought.  Make sure you are using the supplies USB cable from Uniden for your SDS100.


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  1. Chuck Rowe

    I’m a little dense. It didn’t occur to me to reboot the virtual machine. Once I did, it worked like butta.


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