The Bionic Beaver is here!

No, the Bionic Beaver is not the name of Stormy Daniels new Porno………… ūüėÄ

Finally!  Last night Canonical released Ubuntu  version 18.04, aka, Bionic Beaver.  It can be downloaded here.

18.04 is a Long Term Support (LTS) version with support for 5 years.

I installed it on only one laptop so far and all seems to be working fine. ¬† It does appear that some of the software that I used with version 16.04 isn’t all compatible yet however that will likely change in the following days.

Kind of stunk to slick my laptop and start all over and lose a few things but I have two other older laptops that have 16.04 installed and all the stuff I “lost” is on both of those laptops. ¬† Just getting a fresh start.

I tell you that Linux has come a long way over the years and is a FAR SUPERIOR operating system than Microsoft Windows.  And it is FREE.  Why pay big bucks for a Microsoft OS?  Just order a laptop with no OS and put Linux on yourself.  Generally knocks some decent money off the purchase price and in fact most manufacturers will sell you a laptop with Linux pre-installed.

All Hail The Bionic Beaver and Ubuntu.

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