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NO NO NO THAT IS NOT IT! Raspotify on Raspberry Pi with HiFiBerryAmp

I love HiFiBerry. They are the pinnacle of digital audio from the Raspberry Pi platform. They make great DAC's and Amps. Untold people and yours truly have made many cool projects with them. My claim to fame is a tube amp with a Pi and HiFiBerry Amp built in with an LCD display.

So I bought the HiFiBerry Amp+ AGES Ago and found it this morning in the bottom of a drawer already hooked to a Pi 3 in a nice 3D case I printed. Time to put you to use. Just hook it up to a set of speakers is all with cheap wire (for now).

I decided to put the system in my daughters old room which would of course be a guest room if anyone stays. I didn't want to make a complicated audio player like my LogitechMediaServers so I figured I'd run straight Spotify and sure enough I stumble upon this on HiFiBerry's web page.

The EASY way it says! With a single command it will install spotify connect on your Raspberry Pi. Easy!


I ran that command on an upgraded system and the program Raspotify was nothing but a giant crashed mess. So I tried all kinds of stuff with no luck and then just installed a new version of Raspbian on my Pi.

Rough steps:

- Flash latest Raspbian on SD card use a program called Etcher if you don't know how to dd.

- On mac change directory after flash to /Volumes/boot (cd /Volumes then cd boot)

- make a file named ssh (touch ssh)

- alter config.txt as follows: (sudo nano /boot/config.txt) Put a # sign in front of the line that says dtparam=audio=on then add a line that says dtoverlay=hifiberry-amp

Hit Ctl + X then yes to save.

Now reboot. Once you are back up do this by connecting to your pi via ssh

Now you can run that single command:

curl -sL | sh

Now after it installs we need to modify the config file"

sudo nano /etc/default/raspotify

then create a line that says

OPTIONS="--device hw:0"

Hit Ctl + X then yes to save.


Now we can open the Spotify app on our phone or iPad and play a song. You'll notice that somewhere under the album art it will say "DEVICES AVAILABLE" hit that then notice it says "raspotify (hifiberryamp). Hifiberryamp is the hostname I gave my raspberry pi. Yours will probably say "raspberrypi".

Now just connect to Raspotify. Notice it is in green at the bottom of the screen.

FINAL NOTE: Mine would just wickedly pop at first so then I VNC'd into the Pi and turned the volume down. Guess it was too much for it. Once the volume on the Pi was set down some it worked fine.

Anyway, don't think you're going to run the one script and have wicked success. Life just isn't like that.

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