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Yeah, Me Neither

Where have all the Protocols gone?

Technology both excites me and frustrates me. Computer technology has some amazing and helpful innovations that provide blazing speed but it seems like we've become a cut and paste or drag and drop society with standards and protocols designed for the dumbest of our users.

For instance I have 2GB of data I want to move over a wireless network. Drag and drop, right? Estimated time remaining 35 minutes. Oh you gotta be kidding me? Doing that is using something called the SMB protocol. Not the best choice.

Whatever happened to File Transfer Protocol (FTP)? How about SecureFTP? Secure File Copy Protocol (SCP)? You can move files with WebDAV as well.

I just SFTP'd the same 2GB of data in under 3 minutes wirelessly.

What in the hell has happened? We have the technology but it's deployed for the dumbest person in the room.

Why haven't the fastest standards been employed with ease of use?

By the way the tool i used for this is an old old old program (still maintained and updated) called CyberDuck.