One of the most interesting places I have ever visited is Ie Shima Japan. Approximately a 35 minute ferry ride from Motobu port from mainland Okinawa.
My map photo bellow shows numerous waypoints and for such a small place there is a lot to see. Ie Shima was one of the few places in Japan proper that was invaded during WW2 and the history is still lurking there although time has done its best to hide it. But make no mistake, the evidence of the war can still be found here.


Clearly the most prominent feature on the island is Mount Gusuku or Gusukuyama as the locals call it. It is somewhat pockmarked from repeated bomb and shell hits during the invasion of WW2. Being the highest ground on the island it was obviously the focal point of the Japanese defensive strategy.


If you have ever heard of Ie Shima before it is likely due to a Journalist and War Correspondent by the name of Ernie Pyle. Ernie was killed by a sniper while literally being on the front line of the invasion. In a day and age where most journalists were content to stay on the ship and interview the returning soldiers, Ernie Pyle forward deployed to get his story. As such he was beloved by the troops and to this day a memorial exists. And once a year a service is conducted on the site I believe by veterans and the Boy Scouts.