Running a Mac Mini Music Server Without a Monitor

It’s pretty easy to set up a Mac Mini as an entertainment center and then cut the cord and control it from an iPad, an Android tablet or phone or another computer.

Also specific applications have remote applications for controlling them.

Or you could use a third party VNC client. This is called Remoter Pro for the iPad. As you can see I can log in and see my whole desktop and just manually open Spotify.


And this is the Remoteless app from your Android. No access to the desktop. Just the Spotify app.


Another app I use for media serving is called JRiver Media Center. Here is their app called Gizmo for Android. My favorite feature of this is that the hardware volume control buttons on your Android will control the volume. Slick.


Of if you are sitting on another Mac you can use screen sharing to see your Mac Mini’s desktop.


Lots and lots of ways to control your headless Mac Mini entertainment center from other devices. No need to hook up a monitor, keyboard, or mouse. Cut the cord!