Shairport on Squeezeplug

If you are familiar with Airport wireless streaming on Mac devices through iTunes it might interest you to know you can emulate that with a Raspberry Pi and a program called Shairport.

This is the absolute easiest way to do this. First I am going to assume you have downloaded and installed Squeezeplug on your Raspberry Pi. There is no need for me to duplicate the effort as there are easy to follow instructions here:

How to install SqueezePlug? The Image fits on every 4 GB SD-Card! You should expand the SD-Card to it’s full size during the initial setup.
1. Download, unzip and burn the sd-card 2. Start the Pi and find out the IP-Address (e.g. from an attached monitor, from your router or a tools like Advanced IP Scanner v2). 3. login with user: root and pw: nosoup4u 4. Follow the initial steps a. Update SqueezePlug b. Expand the Root-Filesystem to the maximum SD-Card size 5. type “setup” and choose the options you need and the scripts will do the rest for you.
Download link for Squeezeplug is here
Once that is done hook your DAC up to your Raspberry Pi (provided you want to use one) or you can use the 3.5mm audio out jack on the Pi or the HDMI out for that matter. Anyway no matter what you want to use do this command at a terminal.
aplay -l

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 4.16.06 PM

My DAC’s name is N2. Yours could be different. Probably is different. Note the 3.5mm audio out is called ALSA

Now do this:

sudo nano /etc/asound.conf

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 4.28.13 PM

Note the last line I have made N2 the default audio device. Now all sound goes to the DAC. Probably said ALSA before I changed it.

Now type

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 4.29.53 PM

Yes you like Squeezeplug, proceed. Go to “Server and Player”

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 4.30.09 PM

Now install a Media Player

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 4.30.36 PM

Install Shairport

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 4.30.45 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 4.30.56 PM

Follow the prompts. BAM. That’s it. Now open iTunes. Notice that my Raspberry Pi Shairport server is there and beautiful music comes out of the N2 DAC. And Bob’s your Uncle.
Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 4.31.23 PM