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When I was a kid, probably around 12 years old or so I was into the CB radio craze. My mom and dad got me a Lafayette Tube CB and dad installed an antenna on the house for me and ran the coax inside. Can't say I wasn't supported well!

From there one of dad's friends gave me a tube (Probably a Collins) Short Wave radio. I used to sit up spinning that big dial seeing what I could hear. Back in those days short wave was alive and hopping. It still kind of is but nothing like those days. Oh the things you could hear. Just an awesome experience for a kid. Sooooooo badly I wanted a HAM radio license and I'm not sure why I never got one. Mom and dad surely would have supported that as well. When I joined the Navy I wanted one.......when I became a father I wanted whole life I have wanted a HAM radio license. It has ALWAYS been in the back of my mind and on my "To Do" list.

Well I am happy to report that the little boy of 12 who is now a 54 year old man finally got a HAM radio license. I took my test today, Saturday August 19th, 2017 and passed it the first go around.

And I'm as proud as can be. The test was no joke. I studied for weeks. Being an electronics tech rep really helped me nail a portion of it but much of the test had to do with rules and regulations, frequency conversions, what meter band is what frequency, antenna theory, modulation, wavelength. Like I said the test was no joke.

Now I'm not going to tell you I'm special for passing the HAM radio test......I'm not. Tons of people have done it before me. It's totally doable. But it is something you have to work for and earn. And that's what feels good about it.

In a day and age where society makes sure nobody fails and everybody gets a trophy it is a breath of fresh air to be given a test by several 60 to 70 year old guys, on paper, where multiple people verify the test score and it IS POSSIBLE TO FAIL. And it costs money to FAIL. $15. Ahhhhhh the old days and the old America that I long for.

And it is one less piece of unfinished business for a guy rapidly approaching senior citizen status.

I did it.

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