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Not a whole lot of people named Hagensieker but I figured I better be the first to buy hagensieker.com and I also have hagensieker.org. Nice guy that I am I left hagensieker.net for someone.

This page is a mish mash of projects that I have done over the years it is mostly designed for me to re-create my experiments when I eventually screw them up. If it helps you too………then I am happy.

About me.

I'm a 50 something from Evansville, Indiana who joined the Navy at age 19. Started working for the US Government in 1990 and have moved around civil service quite a bit. I started as a Wage Grade 7 and now am a GS-13.

I have spent about 16 of the last 19 years overseas in Iwakuni and Okinawa Japan for which I feel most fortunate to have done. Those were probably my heydays as now I reside in lovely New Bern North Carolina where I will probably die of boredom.
  • New Bern, NC

    Birthplace of Pepsi. I drink Diet Coke.

    Situated about halfway between Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point and Jacksonville, NC, the nearest town with some civilization.
    New Bern BABY!

More Info

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Hey, it's not all bad. I have a great job which sends me all around the world. I've seen the Northern Lights in Iceland and flown over poppy fields in Afghanistan on the way between bases in a helicopter. And been too many other places to even begin to list.

My principal hobbies are scuba diving, dabbling in all things computers and currently on a quest to learn a little something about network security. If I read about a cool device I have to have it and I exploit it for all that it's worth. If it breaks, there is a fair chance I can not only fix it but make it better than it was. I think the Raspberry Pi small computer is the coolest thing ever and just started dabbling with 3D printing. Basically, I am a geek.

And here's a picture of my dog Cocoa. The world's coolest poodle. He weighs 18 lbs. Most of it personality.
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